The mortality analysis of the urgent surgical patients

Z.Z. Tokhtamurоd, K.S. Dolim, M.М. Sattarova, Kh.О. Tursunkulova, Sh.Sh. Komiljonov


Objective. To analyze the mortality due to acute abdominal surgical pathology at the emergency surgical
Material and methods. The analysis of all mortality cases due to acute abdominal surgical pathology in
Tashkent City Clinical Hospital №7 for the 7 year period (between 2011 and 2017) was carried out. The
causes of death from acute appendicitis, strangulated hernia, bleedingand perforative ulcer, acute ileus,
acute cholecystitisandpancreatitis were analyzed.
Results. 11685 patients were hospitalized in the department with the urgent causes for this period. 262
of patients died reaching overall mortality of 2.2%. 198 of 262 patients had undergone surgery.Surgical
activity was 57%. 36% of lethal cases (95 patients) included adults and aged people (over 60).
Conclusions. The treatment effectiveness of patients with acute abdominalsurgical diseases depends on
many reasons, including the time of admission, age, concomitant diseases.